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Service Features

The goal of PharoPro is to secure your Pharo development and investment. PharoPro brings Pharo next level by offering business-oriented services of high quality.

PharoPro is currently hosted by the Pharo Consortium.

Long Term Support (LTS)

You have deployed Pharo 1.3 and you would like to get some bugs fixed. You have deployed a recent Pharo versions and you would like to have support in case of emergency.

PharoPro offers support for Pharo versions up to 4 years back. You are able to get bugs fixed even in older Pharo versions.

Long term support means :

Platform Support

PharoPro supports other platforms than the default ones. Here is the list of currently supported by PharoPro:

For other platforms such as Solaris, IBM please contact us.

Pharo Hotline

For people that require fast and constant support, PharoPro offers a hot-line for hot bugs and support. With the hot-line you have the warranty that your request gets considered within two working days.

Migration Support

You want to migrate from Pharo 1.3 to Pharo 3.0 or Pharo 4.0 and you want to minimize risks. PharoPro offers:

Professional Development Practices

PharoPro masters continuous integration with staged cross version processes. You can have access to best practices supporting your development and deployment process by following hands-on session with our experts.

Custom Development

PharoPro has strong expertise in software development. You can benefit from this expertise. PharoPro offers also custom development:


For getting an estimate for your needs, please contact us.

Consortium members get a 20% discount!