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A clean, innovative, open-source,
Smalltalk-inspired environment.

The Pharo Consortium

The goal of the consortium is to structure and build an umbrella to foster business around Pharo and to promote Pharo. The consortium is a non-profit organisation.

There are several goals for the consortium.

  • Promote. The consortium promotes Pharo by supporting conferences, books, videos, exhibitions, and conference participation. It improves Pharo visibility and supports the expansion of its community.
  • Give the direction of Pharo. The role of the consortium is also to help deciding the future development of Pharo. The consortium gathers input from its members from a business perspective.
  • Support the day to day development of Pharo. The consortium collects funds. The consortium structures the development of Pharo. It pays engineering tasks to be performed such as improving the virtual machine, network libraries, better JIT support or any other tasks decided by the Pharo Steering Committee.
  • Provide a solid, trustable visibility. The consortium shows that Pharo is a mature and relevant technology. The website provides showrooms for Pharo success stories.
  • Provide support. The consortium supports a lively business eco-system around Pharo. The consortium offers some support to help its members and their developments in Pharo.

The consortium is for legal entities, if you are an individual that wants to support Pharo participate to the Pharo association.


You can contact the pharo board if you have any question by sending us an email to:

board at pharo.org