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Future new widget sets is coming to you

On 30 May 2015 7:46:32 am by Pharo Weekly
Aliaksei Syrel announced a new list for Brick (the new widget core) on top of Bloc (the future morph core designed by Alain Plantec – You can get access to Bloc via the launcher in the contribution list). Main features:  – List doesn&#...

New list widget under development

On 25 May 2015 8:59:06 am by Pharo Weekly
Esteban Lorenzano started to develop a new list widget to replace all the widgets into Pharo. You can load it using Gofer it smalltalkhubUser: 'estebanlm' project: 'FastTable'; configuration; loadStable. My idea is to ask community help finish it....

Pharo pi machine

On 17 May 2015 5:55:30 pm by Pharo Weekly
Got my Raspberry Pi B+ with a Tontec® 3.5 touch screen display to bootstrap into Pharo. The Raspberry Pi from CI (https://ci.inria.fr/pharo/view/RaspberryPi/) worked out of the box on Raspbian. Nice! Torsten B.

Pharo is a clean, innovative, open-source Smalltalk-inspired environment. Pharo's goal is to deliver a clean, innovative, free open-source Smalltalk-inspired environment. By providing a stable and small core system, excellent dev tools, and maintained releases, Pharo is an attractive platform to build and deploy mission critical Smalltalk applications. The license of Pharo is MIT with some original parts remaining under the Apache License. All contributors are required to sign our license agreement.

The consortium is for legal entities, if you are an individual that wants to support Pharo participate to the Pharo association.

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